see you come spring.

while this has certainly been neglected it has not been forgot.

while the thaw looms in the collective bicycle consciousness, pre-spring tune ups – both literally of bikes and figuratively of blogs – are taking place.

big things come spring.


the thomas j. dale bridge.

the bike-friendly confederation parkway bridge got a name!

the thomas j. dale bridge.

(maybe the street itself will one day soon get a name change that represents its realities and potentials as a street, not a “parkway”)

here are some pictures that celebrate its bikeability:

heading north on the bridge.

buses and bike lanes.

bike lane and big buildings, MCC.

south of rathburn.

“building bridges” and another mississauga-based bike blog!

a few weeks ago the MCAC delivered a presentation entitled “building bridges” to city council.  check it out!

also, it has come to our attention that there is another blog out there dedicated to cycling in mississauga.  awesome! check it out!

apologies, videos, problems, and potentials.

so i’ve certainly been slackin’ in terms of content here.  i started off with grand intentions, and they haven’t faded.  but residing in a different city than mississauga has hindered my ability to get out on the streets and trails of mississauga and get some content.  excuses excuses.  this will however, evolve in time, without a doubt.

i was home a few weekends ago and decided to rig up one of these bad boys.  a pretty good way to spend $1.  i took my new camera-mounted bicycle out for a ride in my neighbourhood.  while the “cinematography” certainly needs some improvement, the video below offers some glimpses as to the potentials and setbacks of cycling in mississauga.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

we see the quiet residential streets that provide a calm and comfortable ride yet seem to go nowhere sometimes.  it is easy to get lost in the windy cul-de-sac covered streets.  we don’t have the handy grid system of other cities.  but there are opportunities in this.  it doesn’t take a whole new road to create connections for the bicycle.  it is a small vehicle that can fit through smaller spaces.  at 0:30 i cut through from a quiet residential street to a multi-use path that runs along eglinton.  there are potentials for these residential streets – incorporating them as designated and well connected bike boulevards?

we see the multi-use path that runs parallel to eglinton avenue.  we see, at 0:44 the potential, and the need, for the crossride.  a measure that seeks to improve the safety for all when cyclists cross intersections while using these paths.

i see problems and potentials.  and both are constructive.

what do you see?

mississauga cycling news: weekly wrap-up.

[10.19] – “sometimes two wheels are better than four”

[10.21] – “teen cyclist hit by car”

[10.23] – “cycling philanthropist wins prestigious award”

EVENT: tour of mississauga.

this sunday, october 19th, is the TOUR OF MISSISSAUGA!

get out and see the city on your bike, with lots of other people on their bikes.  enjoy the cool fall breeze and changing leaves!  on your bike!

this looks as if it will be a great event and is proof of cycling culture in mississauga.

TIME: 8:30 registration and 9:30 departure.

STARTING LOCATION: JC saddington park.

DISTANCE(S): 26.5km or 47.3km

for more information, including a route map, visit the mississauga cycling advisory committe website.

see you sunday!


mayor mccallion and car free day.

it has been just over two weeks since inter/national car free day, which mississauga mayor hazel mccallion marked by bicycling to work.

her seven kilometre trip from her home to city hall has been lauded by many, and rightfully so – her action has garnered a great deal of press and attention for cycling in mississauga and for the event that is car free day.  we all expect no less from good ol’ hazel.  but maybe that’s the problem – we need to expect, and demand, more.

there is no doubting the importance of symbolic action – especially when it comes from prominent political leaders.  but symbolism is just that and nothing else if it is not acted upon.

bicycling can no longer be a symbolic act in this city, or any city for that matter.  it cannot be something that happens one day of the year.  it cannot be something the requires a police escort. it cannot be something done by a minuscule percentage of the population.  it can be much more.

mayor mccallion has provided us with a platform.  her symbolic action presents the cycling community with an opportunity.  let’s not let it be lost.